Pat Gangoso

Hi! I am a budding user interface designer specializing in branding and visual design, based in the SF Bay Area.

I create meaningful compositions for the user’s context.

Design Thinking/ Montessori + Designer
What do they have in common? 16 years as a Montessori educator has influenced my work ethics as a designer.
Logo Design/ Aloha Wine Foundation
In Jan 2021, I completed my Visual Design bootcamp at General Assembly. Despite no prior visual design experience, I was given an opportunity to design a logo for a Hawaii’s first scholarship foundation for budding wine professionals .
Wireframing/ General Assembly Project
Pour Somm is a fictional wine concierge service that pivoted during the pandemic.
Hi! I’m Pat, currently freelancing with design projects and seeking mentorship to hone my skills. Prior to completing a visual design bootcamp during the pandemic, I’ve spent a my whole life immersing myself with tactile creative outlets... watercolor, floral design, jewelry design and a lot of children’s art activities.

Let's work together!

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